100% Cotton Tees

“Heavy Cotton” tees with the Caplinger’s logo splashed across the front. Select colors also have locations listed and/or the logo on the back, as well.



Reward Program

Our Rewards Program will be changing to a new platform very soon.  We strongly encourage you to use your points towards rewards.  If you are not able to use them they will not automatically load into the new system.  Feel free to reach out to us with an email and we will transfer your points into the new system. You can send your request to caplingersfreshcatch@gmail.com

Earn 1 Point for every $1 spent!

Please note that reward points can be earned and redeemed in-store only.

75 points
choice of one free item (1/4 lb shrimp, 1/4 lb clams, 1/4 lb oysters, key lime pie slice, cake slice)
100 points
choice of one free item (clam chowda, shrimp cocktail, $10 off any FRESH seafood purchase) 
250 points
choice of one free item (blue crab melt sandwich only, lobsta roll sandwich only, Caplinger’s Special dinner, catfish dinner, calamari steak dinner, cod dinner, fish & shrimp dinner, fish & chicken dinner, shrimp dinner, tilapia dinner)
500 points
25% off entire purchase ($75 max discount) 
1,000 points
50% off entire purchase ( $150 max discount) 
5,000 points
$250 gift card 
10,000 points
$500 gift card
Gift Cards